Ahoy from Antigua

Dearest followers, Team Cranial Quest is due to arrive into Antigua in less than 48 hours. This is a very exciting time for the rowers and their families, who have been awaiting their arrival in Antigua for nearly a week. The less than ideal wind conditions have drawn out their landfall date by several days. Now, we are receiving tracking updates on the hour which makes their impending arrival all the more real. As the team approaches 20nm from the harbour, they will begin notifying boats and the Antiguan authorities of their position and their destination. When they're closer to English Harbour, ABSAR (Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue) will meet them to bring them safely into the harbour. Race organizers and photographers will capture the moments before and after they cross the finish line, which is located at the edge of the habour. Then Washington's Crossing will be guided to the finish line. During the day, it's not unusual for numerous watercraft to meet the rowers and usher them to their supporters who are eagerly waiting for them to come around past the big yachts and land in the iconic Nelson's Dockyard.

The Pagano and Miller families were able to witness multiple landings this week. Each arrival was a special celebration, bringing tears to most onlookers' eyes. Caitlin and George's arrival will be no different. We truly cannot imagine what they have been through out in the middle of the ocean, but we look forward to all of their stories. When we are able to, we will share some of their stories with you. There will also be plenty of pictures and hopefully a video or two. If you don't already follow us on Twitter and Facebook, I would encourage you to do so because those are the easiest ways to communicate with our supporters while on the island. If you click on the links, you should be able to view our pages even if you are not a member of either social media site.


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