What do they eat?

Ever wondered what Caitlin and George are eating out there? Well, back in early October, they took a trip to Costco to buy their snacks for the trip. They ended up leaving with four shopping carts full of snack items like Cheetz-its, Goldfish, Snickers, m&ms, Nature Valley granola bars, Hershey bars, chocolate covered raisins, and mini muffins. Hey, maybe this whole rowing thing doesn't sound so bad now!

George and Caitlin eat three or four meals a day and then eat about 3000 calories worth of snacks so that they can reach their 5000+ calorie goal for the day. Their main meals are dehydrated foods like mac and cheese, lasagna, beef stroganoff, spaghetti, and mashed potatoes. They heat up water in a small pot and add it to the food pouches. There are 150 large Ziplock bags stored below their rowing station, each with one day's worth of meals.

In addition to eating, they are constantly rehydrating. They have an automatic water desalinator onboard which takes water from the ocean and purifies it for drinking. They need to drink water constantly in order to prevent dehydration. As many are aware, dehydration has plagued other teams during this race and the consequences can be severe.

Tomorrow's update will detail their cleaning habits.

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