"Ask the Rowers" Part II

"Ask the Rowers" Part 2

Q: What physical changes are they seeing in themselves/each other?

Caitlin: We've both lost weight. Not sure how much, but it's noticeable.

Q: Are you gonna be back like Tom Hanks on Cast Away, with a big beard? How is the hygiene there?

George: Not that big. We make sure to keep clean. I brush my teeth (You're welcome, mom). Try to rinse with fresh water as much as possible.

Q: Anymore wildlife? I heard there were birds following you.

Caitlin: YES! Lots of birds surprisingly. Other than a few whales and flying fish, we haven't seen anything else.

Q: What do they wish that had brought now that they are actually rowing this race?

Both: Other types of candy! Caitlin: We brought a lot of chocolate but I wish we had brought fruity candy like starbursts.

Q: Do you have your celebratory song and dance choreographed yet to perform upon your arrival?

Caitlin: We haven't even thought about that yet!

Q: George, what is the 1st thing you do when you are finished?

George: Eat!

Q: Having any crazy dreams at sea? Are your dreams about being on the boat or back home?

Caitlin: We were both having lots of dreams. In the beginning, we talked out loud in dreams. When we woke up, we kept thinking we are done with the race. Everything has gotten better now that we’ve been out for awhile.

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