So Fresh and So Clean!

The team checked in today with us today. They expect the storm on Monday night. Right now the winds are very light and the seas are calm. A few days ago I promised a post on cleaning habits. This is a important aspect of ocean rowing because of the damaging aspect of salt water.

Personal: After each shift, George and Caitlin use baby wipes to clean off all of the salt that's clinging to their skin. They also use their fresh water supply to better rinse off. They then reapply sunscreen, a must in the heat of the day.

Caitlin and George rarely will be able to take a true bath because that involves going into the ocean. This can only be done in very calm seas. Did you know that regular soap doesn't lather in salt water? George and Caitlin need to use a special salt water soap in order to wash their hair and body. "Sailor Soap" generously donated this special soap to The Cranial Quest. Aside from hair and body, the soap can be used for dishes, too. Unlike regular soap, the sailor soap lathers up and cleanses. It contains Australian tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and aloe vera. (sounds like a spa experience to me!)Once they've cleaned off, they need to check for sores (mainly on hands and bums) and tend to them. Preventing infection is of the utmost importance in ocean rowing hygiene. They have so much medical paraphernalia that they can handle almost any minor medical issue.

Boat: Yes! The boat does need to be cleaned. Caitlin alluded to a boat cleaning coming up for Washington's Crossing. "Critters" collect on the bottom of the boat, slowing it down. Cleaning off the bottom of the boat is important, but can also only be done during calm seas. The crew must manually clean off the bottom of the boat and check for any issues. A few years ago, during a boat cleaning, a crew discovered that a marlin had pierced the bottom of their boat, breaking off and leaving its sharp spear-like nose in the boat! Can you imagine seeing that?!

I'm sure that's more than you ever wished to know about cleaning! What topic do you want to know more about? Let me know in the comments!

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