A Storm's a Comin'!

There's a major storm on the horizon and it's likely that George and Caitlin will be unable to row for some time. Spindrift Rowing, the maker of the team's boat, Washington's Crossing, spoke with the team today.

Per Spindrift Rowing:

There's some nasty weather heading toward The Cranial Quest and the rest of the fleet. Caitlin and George called into us today and developed a safe game plan: row as far West as they can before Monday night. Storm preparations include Caitlin sleeping aft and George sleeping forward for weight distribution and comfort, making sure their line is totally sorted and ready for tossing out the sea anchor when the time arrives. High winds from the south are less safe for them to row against than headwinds because they have the chance of being parallel to large waves, potentially exposing them to the possibility of rolling (which we'd all like to avoid), so they are going to row their hearts out until the time comes that safety trumps rowing. They are managing their electronics perfectly, battery great, stocking up on water Sunday while it's sunny, managing any sores they have well and on a 3 hour shift system to allow for more restful sleep. Overall Caitlin described it as "really uneventful, but good." They have yet to have winds above 25 knots in any direction, so the storm could possibly be the highest winds they've seen yet.

If you're interested in looking at the weather they're facing, check out Windly.

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