A Call from the Middle of the Atlantic!

How many of you can say that you've received a call from the middle of the ocean? George called his family yesterday to say a quick hello and give an update on the row. Anyone who knows his family knows that a "quick" call means at least an hour on the phone. George reported that they had not seen any other competitors since day 2 of the race and they had not had any run ins with other vessels. He said the water hasn't been calm enough to swim in so they haven't bathed in the ocean or gone in the water to clean off the boat. Aside from a pod of dolphins following them out of the harbor, the only wildlife they have seen is a flying fish. George says that the food is pretty good and they are making sure to keep up with fluid intake. They do daily boat checks and haven't had any major issues.

The most difficult issue right now is rowing in the dark. With only a headlamp, they cannot really see much more than their hands in front of them. This means that they never really know when and where from a wave could hit them. This has caused them to slow down a bit during the night.

The team anticipates arriving in Antigua by the first week of February. Landing around them would definitely put them in contention for breaking the world record for a mixed pair on this route. They will call again in a few weeks to share more insights. They are so so so appreciative of everyone's support. They laughed when I told them how many people had become obsessive race trackers and blog readers!

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