"Ask the Rowers" Part I

You asked, they answered! Here's part one of "Ask the Rowers":

Q: Is George shaving at sea, or can we expect a full beard when they finish?

Caitlin: Definitely better than it was! Not really “full” though.

Q: How are you both feeling these days mentally? Are blisters still an issue? What has been your favorite part and what is your least favorite part of your routines? Do you have to get out and clean the boat again before you reach Antigua?

Caitlin: I'm feeling good, mentally. Ready to be on land and see my family! My favorite part is seeing the sunrise and sunset. We are very lucky to not have any blisters on our hands. The body grips supplied to us by Bodybuilding.com have been amazing and have protected our hands. I've been in the water a few times to clean the boat. Not sure if we will need to do it again before we reach land.

George: I'm mentally stable. My favorite part is eating! (No surprise there). Least favorite part is the lack of sleep.

Q: How are you going to celebrate? Do you have any other races planned?

Caitlin: Nothing planned as of now. I would do it again. Looking forward to celebrating with food and a shower!

George: I might do it again when I’m older

Q: The finish is getting real now! What foods are you looking forward to when back on land?

Caitlin: I want pizza and a salad!

George: I want a burger, steak fries and DQ.

Q: What is the water temperatures out there. Have they done any fishing?

Caitlin: No fishing. Water is getting warmer.

Q: George, thoughts on Doug Peterson?

George didn't even recall who Doug Peterson was, his sister (me) had to tell him! He's surprised we took him but glad Chip isn't still with us.

Q: Has the boat flipped over and if so, what does that feel like out in the ocean (instead of being prepared for it when you tested it)?

Caitlin: Nope, not flips! We actually weren't in the boat when it was flipped before so we can't really say what it's like. Caitlin has been in the water three times and George has been in once.

Q: Has your hair gotten really matted down or knotty?

Caitlin: I keep my hair in a braid and brush it every few days to avoid that problem.

George: I rinse my hair with fresh water everyday.

Q: What are you most excited for once you reach land??

Caitlin: See my family and take a shower

George: Me too!

Q: I can understand singing country but it's depressing - maybe some Neil Diamond - maybe some Sweet Carolyn or America or I am.

Caitlin: Our Spotify wont work anymore so George has few hundred songs and I only have 45 to listen to now!

Q: Which beverage do you want upon landing in Antigua? A cold beer, a cold rum and Coke or a very cold Pepsi?

Both: Coke

Q: Have you seen any sea snails ("snells") yet?

Caitlin: Not that we know of!

Q: What happens to the boat after the race?

George: My parents own the boat so my family is in the process of finding a buyer. Who wants Washington's Crossing?! Once we land in Antigua, we have to go through customs and the boat is checked out by race organizers. Then it will be shipped back to the US and driven back to Philadelphia by us.

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