Team Q&A

Halfway there now!! With just under 1200nm to go, the team gave us some updates during a Q&A session.

Have you seen any wildlife? George: Yes! Today we saw whales for the first time. They were following us from afar for a very long time. It was awesome to see that after being stuck inside for so long.

What's the water temperature? George: It's relatively cold. When we get closer to the Caribbean it will get warmer. Caitlin: It's like cool bath water

What's the air temperature: George: During the day it's in the high 70s.

What's the best part so far? Both: THE STARS!!! They are so bright, it's unbelievable.

What's the worst part? George: Being in the cabin during the middle of the day. We have to keep the hatch closed so that water doesn't get in but it ends up being a sauna after only a few minutes. We usually come out for fresh air and talk to the other person rowing.

How was the storm this week? George: We were on opposite ends of the boat in our "cabins." I took the slightly larger one because I'm much bigger. We put lots of materials around us so we wouldn't move too much every time the waves hit our boat. It was very very boring but we tried to sleep and listened to music. Caitlin had the InReach and I had the sat phone so we would text each other sometimes if we got info from other people. Next time, we should bring walkie talkies so we can radio each other instead.

How is the bathroom situation? George: Honestly, it really isn't that bad. Sidenote: they each have their own bright orange bucket to use as their toilet.

How is the food? George: It's wonderful! I had chicken tetrazini today! The chili mac and cheese is delicious.

Are you getting bored of the snack choices? George: I think I'm about to OD on Cheez-Its Sidenote: George is a Cheez-its lover so that's pretty serious!

Caitlin: We have determined what snacks we like and dislike. We are sick of: trail mix, peanut butter crackers, and granola bars. We love: fruit snacks, mini muffins, gold fish, poptarts, and chocolate of any kind!

How was Christmas? George: We loved our gifts. We videoed everything so we can share it with you.

Are you still having fun? George: Absolutely. The novelty wore off after the first 10 days but it's still fun.

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