Rock You Like A Hurricane

In an interesting twist that neither the weather forecasting gods could have foreseen nor Oscar nominated directors could have imagined, it appears that the storm that all of the boats have endured over the past 72 hours has become... HURRICANE ALEX. Funny enough, that's Caitlin's dad's name!

You may ask, "wait a minute, isn't hurricane season over?" Yes, that's right. This is the first hurricane to develop in the Atlantic Ocean since 1938. (Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)) Only three Atlantic hurricanes have ever been recorded in January.

So what does this mean for the crews? Well, they seem to have beat out the worst of the storm. Fortunately, it was not a hurricane when they were in it, just the beginnings of a tropical storm. Many of the crews have regained control of their boats and are rowing westward again. Based on YellowBrick, the tracking site, Cranial Quest seems to have begun rowing, too. Caitlin texted her mom that their InReach wasn't charging, but we suspect that is due to lack of sunlight over the past 4 days, since everything they use must be charged via solar panel chargers. Never a dull day in the Atlantic!

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