Walter J. Benn Memorial Fund

We are pleased to announce that we have set up a memorial fund in honor of my grandfather, Walter J. Benn Sr., on the ALS Greater 

Philadelphia website. You can visit the memorial fund page at Thank you again to all of our supporters for supporting Caitlin and I during our voyage but for also supporting my goal of raising money and awareness for ALS.







Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Cadge (Gold Sponsor)

Michelson Foundation (Gold Sponsor)

Rev. Walter J. Benn (Silver Sponsor)

Eleanor J. Roth Charitable Trust (Silver Sponsor) 

Advanced Oral and Facial Surgery of the Main Line, PC (Bronze Sponsor) (G. Joel Funari, M.S., D.M.D)
Harry and Kim Pagano (Bronze Sponsor)

Thomas Myles (Bronze Sponsor)

Ellen A. Michelson (Bronze Sponsor)

Dr. and Mrs. Alex W. Miller (Bronze Sponsor)



Mrs. Kara Brown

Mr. David Hilton

Mr. Jeff Christian

Ms. Brenda Christoffersen

Mrs. Joan Bachman

Ms. Regina Curran

Mr. Allen Staeffler

Mrs. Sue Christian

Ms. Lynda Bardoe

Ms. Linda O'Connor

Mr. Fred Goecker

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wheaton

Thomas Musi, Esq.

Ms. Margaret Blades

Amanda Konyk, Esq.

Mr. Warren Luckner

Ms. Donna Faulk

Mrs. Karen Miller

Ms. Betty J. Mann

Ms. Esther Spease Frakes

Ms. Kathleen Hemme

Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Schepel

The Justinian Society of Delaware County

Mrs. Kathy Hadden

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Otis

Hon. and Mrs. G. Michael Green

Sailor Soap (Gabriel and Jeff)

Mercedes Benz of West Chester

Way Nuff Stuff (Bill and Kerrie Sanders)

Dr. Robert H. Streitel, DVM and Hon. Phyllis R. Streitel

Shamrock Marine Towing & Salvage

Nick Sava (special thanks to Colby)

The Tully Family

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Cavanagh

Lou Martini

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bachman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Luck

Daniel F. Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Canova

Mary T. Mullen

Claire D. McGeehan

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Jordan

David and Alice Curran

Dr. and Mrs, Jeffrey Malumed

Nancy C. Harvin

Hon. Linda A. Cartisano

Rick and Joanne Dougherty

Oliver Heating and Cooling

Ms. Kathleen Eakin

Mr. Jeffrey F. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stern

Dr. Kathryn Pall

Anne Jordan

Pam Moses

Kevin Kelly

Jack Schaubroeck

Moira McGowan

Hill's Quality Seafood (Media, PA)

Karen Fiore, owner of Fiore Design (Ardmore, PA)

Hon. and Mrs. James F. Proud

Hon. and Mrs. Barry C. Dozor

Hon. and Mrs. James P. Bradley

Hon. and Mrs. Frank T. Hazel

Hon. and Mrs. Charles B. Burr, II

Hon. and Mrs. Spiros E. Angelos

Hon. and Mrs. William C. Mackrides

Hon. and Mrs. Nathaniel C. Nichols

Hon. and Mrs. John P. Capuzzi, Sr.

Hon. and Mrs. Joseph P. Cronin

Hon. and Mrs. Gregory M. Mallon

Mr. Stephen Durham and Hon. Kathrynann Durham

Hon. Mary Alice Brennan

Mr. Mark Cannon and Hon. Christine Fizzano Cannon

Mr. John Osborne and Hon. Ann A. Osbourne

Gary Iacona, owner of A.J. Stephen's Crab House & Bar

Pinocchio's Restaurant

Jac and Diane Ferber 

Jeffrey Butler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Liciardello

Ms. Roselee Maddaloni

Ms. Lyn Schoenfeld

Ms. Theresa Flanagan Murtagh 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher B Dome 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Coll

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pall

Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan

The Loomis Family

Subha Ramesh

Mr. and Mrs. William Gibson

Nebraska Women's Basketball

Ms. Mary Emily Pagano

Dr. & Mrs. Martin O'Riordan

Dr. and Mrs. Ed Cikowski

Mrs. Silva Santerian

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Duffy & Family

Mr. Mike Sheridan

Mr. and Mrs. John McFadden

Mr. and Mrs. John Del Casale

Blake & Pongo (Pagano Pups)

Mr. Marc Schwartz & Mr. Michael R. Schwartz

Dr. & Mrs. Richard DiMonte, JR.

"Mashley" (Maddie McKay & Ashley Robins)

Mr. and Mrs. David Van Adelsberg

Mike & Rois Pucillo

Dr. Paul Carpinello

Michael & Maureen Leferve

Justin Miller

Jerry & Cherie Benn

Erin Lane

Frank & Margie Poliafico

Mary, Emily and Bobby Hall

Barbara Sherwood

Becky Antczak

Mary Kate & Herb Miller

Susan, Blair, and Justin Pie

Mary Kate and Matt

Magie Wieneke

Pete Schumacher

Anne Haas & Izzy Rogers

Ajay Ramesh

Krista Funari

MaryClaire and Lloyd Goodman

Joe & Anne Lamb

Nate Rodgers

Mandi Hulme

Dave & Becky Antczak

Mrs. Mary Emily Pagano