The Team


We chose The Cranial Quest: Rowing for a Change as our team name because our charity we are rowing for has a connection with the brain. ALS is a terrible neurodegenerative disease  with a life expectancy after diagnosis of 2-5 years. The disease causes degeneration of the motor neurons resulting in muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body. As of right now there is no treatment for ALS; only management. We want to change this. 

George Pagano

I am from Media, Pennsylvania a suburb of Philadelphia. I love playing and watching sports. Entering highschool I was going to play baseball, but was talked into going to a rowing seminar and from there I was hooked. Practicing 6 days a week in highschool and 5 days a week at Nebraska, it is clear that I continue to love the sport. Ocean rowing is definitely a different level of rowing, but a challenge that Caitlin and I are willing to take on for a cause close to heart. A good team has to be on the same page and able to get along. This is even more important in the sport of rowing and I believe Caitlin and I possess this trait which will help us achieve our goal of crossing the Atlantic. 

Caitlin Miller

I grew up on a small farm in Southwest Minnesota; about as far from the ocean as you can get.I have always loved playing sports and being outdoors. It wasn't until I moved to LIncoln, Nebraska for college that I was able to combine these two things by joining the rowing team. Rowing has taught be how to be a part of a team; working with others to achieve a specific goal. It has also taught be to push myself beyond my limits. I met George on the rowing team at UNL and we have become close friends. He is a very determined, hard working person with a great sense of humor; all traits which I think will help us be succesfull in our crossing. The Atlantic Challenge is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to use our love for rowing to give back.